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Specific resources include;

About Our Publications

EDUCAUSE, and its affiliates, publish a number of articles, books, monographs, reports, white papers and more.

  • The Center for Higher Education CIO Studies Reports. Effective January 2019, the Center for Higher Education CIO Studies (CHECS) research has been transferred to EDUCAUSE.
  • 万博官方手机版登录is the association's magazine for the higher education IT community. Published bimonthly in print (22,000 distributed copies) and online (over 50,000 visits per month), the magazine takes a broad look at current developments and trends in information technology, how they may affect the college/university as an institution, and what these mean for higher education and society.
  • EDUCAUSE 7 Things You Should Knowseries provides quick, no-jargon overviews of emerging technologies and related practices affecting higher education.
  • EDUCAUSE Papersare overviews of key higher education issues. They provide some basic, but also current, information on the status of particular topic area.
  • Core Data Service Reports- TheEDUCAUSE Core Data Service (CDS)is a benchmarking service used by colleges and universities since 2002 to inform their IT strategic planning and management. Individuals at eligible colleges and universities participate using an online hub in which they contribute and download data and view EDUCAUSE analysis and reports.
  • Information Security Guideis a compendium of information providing guidance on effective approaches to the application of information security at institutions of higher education. It is a key publication of theHigher Education Information Security Council.
  • EDUCAUSE Research
    • Working Grouppapers focus on emerging technologies important to colleges and universities.
    • Case Studiesare Institution-specific or topic-specific reports designed to exemplify important themes, trends, and experiences in the management of information technology investments and activities. Case Studies relate to, and are undertaken as part of, specific ECAR Research Studies.
    • Infographicsare Illustrations and graphics relating to ECAR research.
    • Research Bulletinsare frequent electronic updates provide an overview of key IT developments and illustrate their impact on higher education. Research Bulletins provide concise, insightful analyses of current topics that may range from products/services to policy.
    • Research Reports
    • 研究中心are substantial research efforts around a specific topic that include a collection of cohort research.
    • Survey Instruments survey instruments used for ECAR research.
  • EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) Publications-ELI home
    • ELI 7 Things You Should Knowseries provides quick, no-jargon overviews of emerging technologies and related practices that have demonstrated or may demonstrate positive learning impacts.
    • ELI Briefsare short summaries of an institutional case, an example of a teaching and learning issue in practice, a short position paper, or an issue update.
    • ELI Papers and Reports概述关键的高等教育教学和吗learning issues. They provide some basic, but also current, information on the status of particular topic area.
    • Horizon ReportThe annualHorizon Reportis a collaborative effort between the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative and the New Media Consortium (NMC). Each year, the report identifies six areas of emerging technology likely to have a significant impact on teaching and learning in higher education over the next one, three, and five years. Web links to additional resources and examples are provided for each technology cited.
    • Seeking Evidence of Impact papers discuss the gathering evidence of the impact of teaching and learning innovations and current practices.

Archived Publications

  • EDUCAUSE Quarterly (EQ)was an online, peer-reviewed, practitioner's journal from EDUCAUSE about managing and using information resources in higher education.EQis published in an online-only format with multimedia (graphics, live links, audio, and video) and community-building applications that enhance the magazine’s value.EDUCAUSE Quarterly is longer published in its current format.EQ content/topics are covered in the万博官方手机版登录online site, launched early June 2012.

About the EDUCAUSE Taxonomy

TheEDUCAUSE Taxonomy, an expert-created listing of over 200 terms, helps you more easily explore topics and find specific documents in the association’s extensive collection of online information resources. The EDUCAUSE Taxonomy is applied to all library resources. It is divided into seven categories. Each topic is further broken down into subtopics.

The EDUCAUSE Library Collection Policy

The Library collection includes EDUCAUSE publications, resource pages, conference sessions and resources from other organizations. The EDUCAUSE Library collection is selected in relation to the needs and interests of the EDUCAUSE member community. EDUCAUSE strives to provide vendor neutral resources.

Archive of EDUCAUSE Content

EDUCAUSE库维护一个数字档案of all EDUCAUSE publications that were originally published in an electronic format.

Active Documents

  • All EDUCAUSE documents
  • Non-EDUCAUSE documents – 5 years


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No. But if you can find updated statistics from the pocket guide at the following locations

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These books are all available electronically forfree. If you would like a bound paper copy, you may purchase them through

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